Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Well my friends, after almost five years to the day, I am closing the blog. It’s been a tough decision, we’ve been through highs and lows but it’s definitely the right thing to do.

I started this blog anonymously (hence the name), when I was an assistant as a way to start writing, I wrote as a creative outlet and a way to document my findings along the way of my career path. It’s contributed to everything from work and career opportunities to meeting new people, attending events and a lot in between but at this point it’s time to say goodbye.

I’m a bit of a perfectionist and truly believe a blog like this one needs to be looked after and fed juicy content regularly, I’m not a full time blogger so throw my full time work along with a hectic London life into the mix and the outcome is having no time to post. 

The blogging world has changed somewhat since I started out. I started it for myself, when I wrote I never considered who was reading it, I was writing it for myself. Skip ahead five years and every post is considered, calculated and at times repetitive with what the rest of the blogosphere is talking about, therefore what is the actual point of it? 

I’ve started a new project – The Unicorn Chaser, which can be found here. It’s a visual diary of my life and loves, a space for myself, a place to document my photographs and a place where I can look when I’m old and remember where I’ve been. You’ll find images from my archives as well as from the here and now, I won’t be doing commercial posts of any kind but do stop by if you fancy keeping up with what I’m up to.

Thanks for stopping by, whether this post is the first you've read or if you’ve been a reader for a while.

Don’t give up your day dream, Coco xx

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


It's time to tell the truth, I've been cheating on you with not one but TWO other blogs. That's right for some reason I have decided that I magically have even more spare hours in the day and therefore have taken on the challenge of updating content for two new blogs.

They are both different to what you will find here at Coco, LFCC so no pressure, but if you fancy a little look into my multifaceted life then head over by clicking on the images below...

I started this about six months ago and it's purely imagery. As a stylist and editor, images are what gets me going (don't get me wrong a fantastic piece of wordery is just wonderful, but there's nothing like a pretty picture to send my heart into a flutter).

The Unicorn Chaser is not purely fashion and lifestyle either, this is a place to get lost in, to find your inner chi whether it be by looking at brash fashion imagery or quotes from Buddah- if you have had a frantic day, stop by and get lost in my mind.

This is a very new venture. I only started it last week and it's a joint venture with my pal Ria. It's a documentation of our training for a half marathon (yes you heard it right). So if you fancy watching a girl that is strictly never seen without heels and lipstick suffering then swing on by! 

In seriousness we will be sharing everything from new recipes and top running tracks to good vibes and inspiration - wish us luck.

Friday, 7 February 2014


Back in May last year (yes this one is super-tardy), we traded in the annual Glastonbury trip and hit Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona. Sunbathing, sightseeing and eating by day and partying to likes of Blur and Wu-Tang Clan by night sure was the perfect way to start the summer.

Thursday, 6 February 2014


After lusting after those bad-boy Chanel glasses Rihanna wore when she performed at the Victoria's Secrets show way back when, I bit the bullet and realised that instead of not eating for a while in order to buy myself some I could make some instead, here's how...

You will need:

1. A pair of round Lennon style frames
2. Adhesive backed pearls and super glue
3. Tweezers
4. Time and patience - this is really laborious - only dare if you literally have nothing better to do

One by one, take a pearl in the tweezers, add a tiny bit of super glue to the back and place on the frame. Repeat this for the entirety of the frame and the arms of the glasses if you want to go BIG.

Et voila! The finished result...

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Ok, ok- it's been a reeeeeeeally long time since my last post- this is inexcusable but Mama always said; if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. 

The truth is I have been super-consumed with my work and had therefore run out of things to say. But here I am, back with vengeance and ready to post.

I thought I'd ease myself back into the blogosphere with some pretty pictures from last years trip to see Papa Coco in Mallorca.

Sineu is a small village in the centre of Mallorca and every Wednesday it comes alive with quite frankly the best market I have attended. If you are ever on the island it is most certainly worth a visit and a welcome change from beach hopping (although who's complaining about beach hopping?!).

Friday, 6 September 2013

Getting autumn ready with Jules B

In a very uncertain climate, it's wonderful to see that there are independent boutiques are still going strong. Jules B is an independent boutique chain with stores in the North of England. Luckily for us southies they also sell online- perfect!

With an awesomely strong list of international designers, it's no shock that they have won the Draper's award for 'Best Independent Fashion Store' four times.

Although today feels like mid July (I'm still loving the sun) here in London, the season is certainly turning, so it's time to get autumn ready and what better way to do that than with a little Marc by Marc Jacobs fresh from the rails at Jules B?

Let's start at the top. The Black Peter Pan Collar Blouse is one of those pieces that would be a season staple, great with skinny jeans or a black leather mini- 'an all rounder' you might say, while the Orange Connolly Stripe Jumper is not only a super-easy piece to wear but is a great nod to the season with its autumnal hues.

I'm lost without my skinny jeans and the Wine Stick Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans are another classic wardrobe staple. For dressier days, I'm lusting after the Blue Clarice Skirt teamed with a leather t-shirt, this would be autumnal perfection. 

Finally, what is an outfit without it's accessories? The top of my wishlist are the Grey Tech Me Quilted Tote Bag and the Black Sloane Watch

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Mademoiselle C

It's here!

The hotley anticipated documentary on one of my fashion heroines; Carine Roitfeld- Mademoiselle C is out in September (what other month would it be?) and the trailer has already landed.