Sunday, 21 June 2009

Rock 'n' roll? Or selling their souls?

This month I have been shocked twice upon hearing about two rock gods turning their hands to fashion designing. The first being Liam Gallagher, frontman of Oasis. Gallagher is notorious for his 'don't give a t*ss' attitude and being well and truly rock 'n' roll since hitting the scene in the nineties. Gallagher's collection named Pretty Green, launched on the 5th June and is available on the official website. Unfortunately within minutes of it launching, the website crashed due to high traffic (bad news but also great news, as there are obviously many people wanting to buy from this line). The collection will be available in Selfridges department store next season and comprises of a trademark parka jacket, logo t-shirts and polo shirts.
The next shocking rock god to be jumping on the band wagon is infamous guitarist Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones. 'What?' I hear you cry...yes read it and weep my rock 'n' roll loving friends it is true! Wood is collaborating with iconic British department store Liberty of London to launch his clothing line for men and women. The line will be launching in Autumn 09 and will be influenced, supposedly by Woods' art. Perhaps this is an attempt to be younger due to new squeeze, 20 year old, Ekaterina Ivanova or perhaps he is trying to make a buck ahead of his divorce from long suffering wife Jo. Either way it is not what I expected from a true rock legend.

I am a fan of both of these men and their bands, but one of the very reasons I am a fan of both and pretty much anyone who lives a rock 'n' roll existence is the sheer characteristics of those people. The 'stick it to the man' attitude, the free spirits, the lack of care for money and the love and the passion for the music. So I fear these rock almighty's have lost the real reason they are in the's not about the money it's about the music.
To call them sell-outs may be a little harsh but unless I have missed something, neither are qualified to launch and design a label and I personally don't think it is a big dream for either, more a plan conjured up by a clever PR long as there are fans there is money to be made.
The real reason I find this all so upsetting is I had a dream that rock 'n' roll style was all hap-hazard decisions made in a Jack Daniels haze but now I wonder if it is all decisions made by the stylists. I personally will not buy into either clothing line...I stand by the philosophy of heart and soul, rock 'n' roll.

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