Saturday, 6 June 2009

Style Stalker...Florence Welch

This week I am style stalking Florence Welch. Welch is the lead of soul inspired indie group Florence and The Machine. Her mother is an art historian and was a Studio 54 regular, her father is in advertising and her Grandfather is a former deputy editor of The Daily Telegraph.

Due to this it is no surprise that Welch is a self described "real geek" who loves to sing, dress up, dance around and get paid for doing so! With all of those family influences who wouldn't! Welch has an interesting and creative sense of style. Whilst fitting in with the eclectic 'thrown together' look favoured by many women in bands at the moment she seems to stand out with a subtle, glamorous edge to her.

Perhaps it's her beautiful red hair, her pale skin or her dominating stage presence that draws me to her, I'm not sure. Whatever it is her style is one that I am stalking this week!

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