Thursday, 24 September 2009

Gig review: Friendly Fires

I'm back! Equipped with internet access once again so expect a gargantuan amount of posting while I let you in on what I've been up to!
Myself and The Boy headed to St Albans at the beginning of the month to see the Mercury Prize nominated Friendly Fires. There is something special about watching a band play their home town and although we had to travel out of London, the choice proved to be a good one on our wallets when buying the drinks!

The crowd were slightly older which was refreshing after feeling like a mum at the Foals gig last year (where the crowd were sweaty, skinny, pasty indie kids)!

Frontman Ed Macfarlane engaged with the energetic and jumpy crowd, throughout the set and improvised with cowbells and suchlike whilst playing the set.

They have swept the festival circuit this year and The Boy has suffered great disappointment by missing them at Glasto, but word has it that they are a much stronger act when playing gigs as apposed to festivals so there is the silver lining!
A great set, a great night, it was just difficult making our way back to London whilst in our beer haze!


  1. Sounds like a cool gig, do you take your photos with a regular digital camera or an SLR?

  2. aw I saw them at Reading, they were good!

  3. Hey there, sorry for the late response!

    I take my photos digitally with either a hand held standard camera or another digital camera, that's not quite a digital SLR but better than the norm! x


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