Thursday, 24 September 2009

The 'Stay'cation...

The official end to the recession was announced a few weeks ago. It certainly hasn't ended for me yet though. Feeling like I needed a break from the buzz and hectic realms of my normal life I decided to book a week off work. Lacking the funds to jet off to the beach I put my recessionista hat on and thought I would join the masses and have a 'stay'cation (stay-at-home-vacation) instead of a vacation.
For the first three days I stayed at home, looked out at the rain and watched muchos amounts of TV (great!).
The Thursday I went to the coast to visit Mama Coco. We shopped in Brighton where we hit the Lanes and spent hours rifling through antique and bric-a-brac stores and markets. One of the stores we found was Oasis Antiques. It was like hitting Aladdin's Cave.

Street art is in abundance in Brighton, I found this piece that had been layered on by presumably different artists...

An amazing find in the lanes was Fizzwiggs! An old school sweet shop with literally everything you could think of. The store concept is completely traditional with a kitch twist, I loved it!

We went to Hastings for dinner and the old town is so lovely. A traditional seaside town with old tobacconists and beautiful buildings...perhaps it's time for Coco to re-locate to the seaside?

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