Wednesday, 28 October 2009

5 Minutes with designer Calum Harvey...One to watch!

During London Fashion Week I met up-and-coming menswear designer Calum Harvey. Uber talented with the world at his feet, I had to get into the mind and soul of this young inspiration...

Calum is 21, originally from Laxey, Isle of Man, currently residing in Brixton, London. He started his creative path by studying Art & Design, then he went on to get his degree in Fashion Design at Ravensbourne and is now studying for his Master's in Menswear at Royal College of Art.
What made you decide you decide you wanted to get into the industry and when?
My Mother and Grandma were both extremely creative. Both knitted and their creations sold. My Grandma had her own boutique that sold her designs and offered a dress making service during the 60s. I was always surrounded by the creative attitude, I remember being interested in fashion from an early age, deciding I wanted to be a 'Fashion Designer' at infant school!
Where do you get your inspiration from?
EVERYWHERE! I remain receptive to lots of different things; architecture, nature, the news, litter. I find inspiration from non-fashion related sources. I think it keeps designs fresh and new and encourages collaborative work.

Calum's Graduate Fashion Week Show

Favourite designers?
Christopher Raeburn, Martin Margiela, Dries Van Noten, Burberry and Dior. I always look forward to seeing what they unveil each season.

Who is your style icon?
I used to look to Timmy Mallet for style guidance but now it's more the guy who sells The Big Issue outside Brixton's Sainsbury's! He's really stylish; fake fur, skinny black denims and a military bag.

Highlights of your career so far?
Meeting Nick Roberts, Head of Marketing at Mulberry and Kate Greenyer, Creative Director at Red or Dead, they are passionate about what they do. Travelling to Pearl Academy, Delhi, India on a fashion exchange trip. Showing at Graduate Fashion Week and winning the Textiles Award. I really appreciate being able to do what I want to do, I'm very lucky.

What's on your iPod right now?

Matronomy, Friendly Fires, Kylie, The Strokes, Kitsune Maison, Beyonce.

What are you guilty pleasures?
Where to begin! There has been a void in my life since The London Paper folded, slipping into comfortable habits like wearing plaid shirts and jeans everyday, Alexandre Burke, Eastenders...I'm going to stop now before it's too embarrassing!

Some of Calum's sketches
What are your personal goals for the future:
To continue to learn about ethical issues within design and implement changes within the industry. I would like to work on my own unisex fashion label. I would like to gain experience at a high end menswear label like Van Noten or Marni! They are just some dreams...
Calum is definitely one to watch, I can't wait to see where his career and talent takes him...whichever way it goes it's sure to be paved with gold!

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