Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2009 in pictures...

Well hello lovely readers, apologies for being rather aloof with my posting. I have been in the depths of many a Christmas party, lots of food, presents, family games and a rather large quantity of gin and tonic (well if you can't at Christmas, when can you?). But I'm back and seeing as it's New Years Eve tomorrow I thought I would take a look back through the monumental moments of 2009 (in no particular order!).

We had snow in January...

Seeing Britney and those fabulous costumes was an impressive way to start the summer...

Florence Welch. Yes, I know, I talk about her quite a lot but by god she deserves it. This year she has shot to fame with her ridiculously outstanding album; Lungs. She hit the festival scene in a big way, playing hedonisticly in the most innovate and brilliantly bonkers outfits. Missing her at Glasto was a low point of '09 but seeing her and getting to meet her backstage at Lovebox a month later was a big high point.

Another moment of Lovebox that I shall cherish is seeing Ladyhawke's set- a sneaky half an hour that I spent backstage with The Boy.

Another thing that I seem to somewhat gabble on about is Glastonbury, but it was a fantastic highlight of the year. I shan't say much as I think I have said it all but will leave you with some of my photos from this year's event...

The Pyramid Stage by day

Some of the crew

The Pyramid Stage by night

The shoulder- the most important and my favourite trend of 2009. A round up of the year wouldn't quite be right without a mention...

A hand crafted creation


Cycle chic has been popular in European cities for years but it has taken off in London in a big way this year. Pashley bikes are rife in the capital along with many a statement bike. Of course as you know, I well and truly jumped on that band wagon by customising my own bike.

Shot on Brick Lane

My customised bike

My customised bike in Italian Vogue

A huge shock and a loss to music and the world was that Michael Jackson died this year. After dedicating a post to him at the time, I will just give a brief nod to the obvious yet iconic parts of MJ style...

My hair cut...not monumental but a style moment of my year all the same...

My final festival and close to yet another great summer was SW4. Boiling hot weather, gastronomic amounts of Pimms, some of the world's best DJs and a big group of friends...what could be better?

Seeing Friendly Fires with The Boy, another musical highlight...

When Coco met Carine...snapping the Editor of French Vogue, Carine Roitfeld was a magnificent and terrifying moment of the year...

Attending my first show at fashion week was a monumental moment for me...

The bStore show
The September Issue, hit our screens. A tiny insight into the realms of the life of Anna Wintour and the team at American Vogue. I loved it and only wish I was a fly on the wall before the edit.

I saw one of my favourite DJs; Deadmau5 at The Roundhouse, Camden...another great night, another hangover (!)...

Along with dancing to some great live music, I snapped a hell of a lot of 'knarly dudes' at Freeze; London's annual snow and music festival.

A somewhat indulgent entry, yet extremely exciting moment of 2009 was being featured on the street chic section of

I also shot some fantastically dressed strangers on the street. Thanks to all who have posed for me, here are a few favourites...

All-be-it a brief round-up, that's it for 2009. How odd it seems to be able to sum it up so quickly. But here comes 2010 and I anticipate much more fun, frolics and fabulous fashion...Happy New Year all!


  1. First of all, Happy New Year!
    I can tell you, it was absolutely a good choise to have your hair cut!!! It's so good, i really want the same form!!!
    It seems you have a very exciting year ;)
    But one question...what was so terrifying in Carine?

  2. Ah thanks Aniko, Happy New Year to to too!

    Meeting Carine was terrifying purely because she is soooooo amazing and being face to face with someone that you have great respect for was pretty scary stuff (but great too!)


  3. Fabulous, can't wait for more fun in 2010 with you my sweet! x


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