Saturday, 16 January 2010

She's The One...

Although I started this blog to document my musings, opinions and inspirations within a creative sense, occasionally I will throw in something not so relevant to the above but something that I want to write about for he sheer hell of it, and why not?

I wanted to dedicate a post to my beautiful best friend...Ria (aka Ro). She has just moved from South London to East (finally!), so welcome to the neighbourhood baby!

To put it in it's simplest form she is my true love (obviously along with The Boy). We have been friends for what seems like forever, in reality, six years. We met in the second year of uni, inseparable by the third and best friends ever since.

For the final eight months of uni we went on a bit of a crash lifestyle (both breaking up with long-term boyfriends) of cigarettes, vodka-Redbull, take out food, sheer stupidity/brilliance, chick-flicks, tears and a hell of a lot of laughs!
Uni came and went and we went our separate ways for a short time, with Ro moving to Reading and me moving to the big smoke. But, soon enough we were as one again with Ro moving to London and us moving in together. Cue another crash lifestyle of parties, hangovers and pasta bakes (we were a little more responsible at this point). If I hadn't met The Boy and she hadn't met Rory I truly believe we would have grown old together- like a couple of old aunties that never married and still live together.

She is the person that can see my clock ticking, the one that can put me in my place without me feeling sad or blue and we can talk about anything without fear of unacceptance. We bonded initially over a strong love of student life but our love affair has grown from strength to strength and as our common ground has expanded over the years our likes, dis-likes, favourite music, favourite food and morals are pretty much the same.

Her style is somewhat different to mine. She works a much more effortless-cool vibe to me. Channeling separates and directional jersey pieces like no-one else I know. Her ability to look chic in a t-shirt and shorts is second to none and she manages to rock silk dresses and hoodies as if they were always supposed to be teamed together.
She has recently found a love for vintage fur and after many years of moaning, I think I have broken her of spending a fortune on black cardigans on the highstreet (it's just not necessary!). Her rich, dark, shaggy long-bob is a mix of mischievous 1940's boarding school and Alexa Chung and only adds to her relaxed yet elegant charm.

So all in all today's post although a little cheesy, is solely dedicated to my beautiful Mocking Bird (sorry, had to slip an in-joke in somewhere!)


  1. That is a really nice post! Everyone needs a good friend in their life and it was lovely reading about how special your friendship is showing a great appreciation for that. I think everyone should take time out and thank a friend for being there as a true one always will be x

  2. Ah, thank you, I am glad of the response, could be seen as slighty cheesy but why not give your besty a little shout out?! x


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