Monday, 29 March 2010

Vintage at Goodwood festival...

Summer is on it's way which means one thing...festival season is nearly here. The burning question is which festivals shall I go to? I would love to attend many, all of them in fact but finances won't allow this. This leads to infinite chats with The Boy and friends about locations, line-ups and who is going to what to decide which weekend, music bonanza will get my hard earned cash. Besides Glastonbury (which I of course already have my ticket for) I am struggling
to decide. Upon my extensive festival research I stumbled across Vintage at Goodwood.
British designer, Wayne Hemmingway is the creative force behind the festival. He has put it together to celebrate all that's good in British design, music and arts and hopes it to be, "an antidote to muddy fields and random music."

"It's like bringing the Venice Biennale, London Fashion Week, the London design festival, a bit of the Edinburgh Fringe, a bit of Glastonbury and the festival of Britain", is what Hemmingway described it as at the press launch. It will be celebrating all things creative from the 40's to the 80's. This will include a 40's club, a 70's soul club and even a roller disco.

Vintage festival promises to be a breath of fresh air on the Brit festival scene with it bursting with style and glamour and including clean toilets (a definite plus!). Starting small, the festival will only have 20,000 tickets and is being held at Goodwood, West Sussex between 13th-15th August.

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