Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Elephant hunting in the city...

I had the day off yesterday, (and what amazing weather- my luck was obviously in), so I decided to view the latest cultural experience to hit London; Elephant Parade. The largest outdoor art event ever recorded in London is here until July and showcases the best in innovative and original design. Artists, celebrities and fashion designers have produced their own designs for the elephants and over 250 of them have been scattered around London for an estimated audience of 25 million people. The pieces will be auctioned off in July in aid of the endangered Asian elephant.

'Twiggie' by Diane Von Furstenberg

'Sidhe' by John Rocha

'Kissed' by Lulu Guiness

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  1. omg they are amazing. i reallly want one!
    ALSO VOGUE.COM! ERRRR WHAT! im so so greeeen!x


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