Monday, 7 June 2010

Happy 101 Award!

I am honored to have been awarded the Happy 101 Award. The Happy 101 Award is passed from blogger to blogger to show support, and simply give a shout out to those fabulous bloggers out there. It has been passed to me (some time ago, sorry for the delay in getting this post up!), by the wonderful Sarah-Leigh. The talented Sarah gives us a round up in all things style, celebrity and travel in her must-read: Sarah-Leigh's Style Files.

Now I have been given the award, I am to:
- List 10 things that make me happy
- Try to do at least one a day
- Award 10 bloggers that brighten my day with the award
- Link back to the blogger that awarded me

So I've linked back to Sarah, now for the rest...
10 things that make me happy:
- Relaxing: Working, blogging, freelancing and partying in London tend to push this one to the back of my mind.
- Seeing friends: Nothing better than a good old catch up and giggle.
- Adventure into the unknown: Whether it's a holiday abroad, an area of the city I've never been to or just a knew club, I love exploring the new.
- Work: No, I'm not mental!! I, like everyone have days where I wish I was a millionaire on a yacht but I love being pushed to my absolute limit and that I am creative in my job.
- The Boy: Pass the bucket! Sorry for being slushy but it's true.
- Vintage shopping: Whether it's clothing markets, bric-a-brac stores or old furniture stalls I love the idea that these pieces are a) cheap b) one of a kind and c) have a story to tell.
- Blogging: Nothing better than losing myself in my blog. Finding new ideas, new networking platforms and just self teaching on how to do things- just love it.
- Music: Downloading, listening to, talking about, singing along to and dancing to.
- Taking pictures: Of my outfits, friends, adventure or the down right inspirational.
- Good food: 'Nuff said.

So there we go, must note this down and ensure to do at least one a day.

10 blogs that make me happy:

- Fashion By He

- The Flamingo Diary

- The Man Repeller
- Wet Behind The Ears

- Never Love You More

- Calum Harvey

- B*C*N Scrawls

- Street Style London

- Same Old Delights

- Stylistique

So there we have Coco's top 10 bloggers who are receiving the Happy 101 Award. Check them out.


  1. wow thank you soo much this is amazing!!! love your blog too!!


  2. No problem! Your blog always makes me laugh! x


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