Thursday, 17 June 2010

The mystery of Hoxton Square...

Hoxton Square is a regular haunt for me during summer. The bars are good but that's not why I frequent it. With my office being round the corner it's the perfect setting for a quick apres work drink in the sun when all you want is to sit on grass after sitting on an office chair for nine hours. It's the centre point between many friends houses so the easiest place to meet for a quick Sunday sun sesh...PLUS there is my new favourite haunt, The Breakfast Club just round the corner, their banana milkshake is da bomb (yes it's true, I just said 'da bomb').

Over the last few weeks upon every visit there has been one question in my mind..."what is that?". Two very large structures under plastic sheeting appeared and no-one knew what they were. Some thought urinals, some thought art but no-one actually knew, until now.

They have been unveiled and are beautiful white flowers...that's one of my mind mysteries solved. Next? Why is my left foot slightly smaller than my right foot? Hmmm...

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