Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Glasto 2010: The Highlights: Pet Shop Boys

To continue with the running theme of my highlights from Glastonbury, I will today speak of one hell of a Saturday night - Pet Shop Boys. The group was divided on this one with some going to see Muse, some to see George Clinton with Parliament/Funkadelic and the rest to Pet Shop Boys (this is common at Glasto, too many amazing acts, not enough time).

The set was packed with all the oldies which gave us the chance to have a drunken sing-song. Incredible lighting and visuals along with outrageous costumes and dancers proved that the boys have still got it along with proving that they were the perfect choice for a Saturday night headliner. I've always respected their music but after that set I am a fully-fledged fan...a true Glastonbury moment and so much fun.

I'll leave you with their encore (and my favourite track), West End Girls...

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