Sunday, 25 July 2010

I'm back!

Yes that's right, I'm back! Sorry lovely readers for the distinct lack of posts this month, there has been a lot going on!

Firstly I have been working like crazy, secondly I have been partying, searching for flats, looking at flats etc, etc. I shall fill you in on what's been going on...

itunes Festival at the Roundhouse, Camden:
Last week saw a lot of live music, dancing and snakebites. Thanks to some wonderful friends who sorted tickets (thanks to Ria, Rory and James), I managed to see three acts in this fantastic venue in one week (lucky lady, I know). Monday saw me and the girls swaying and having a good old head bob to new 'folksy with an electric twist' band The XX. Famed for their track, 'Crystalised' and their infinite appearances on the festival circuit this year, The XX performed a punchy and atmospheric performance. I have only just got into them but now fully appreciate!

The Wednesday saw us back at the Roundhouse for a set by Faithless. The second time I'd seen them in a matter of weeks (I will never forget THAT Glastonbury performance) they gave it everything they had and I have never jumped constantly for that long at a gig which has to say something about why they have staying power.

Then Saturday myself and a friend spent a dramatic hour on the longest bus journey in history to only just make it in on time for Underworld's set. The 90's ravers were out in force all ready to dance their socks off and after playing their infamous track 'Born Slippy' I was completely exhausted, (although that didn't stop us heading straight to the canal on Kingsland Road for an impromptu outdoor party- it was ace).
So that was itunes, a great week even though I lost my blackberry and with it, all the wonderful pics I took to show you all. Therefore the above pictures are not mine, (thanks to &

Speaking of Kingsland Road, we are moving! Yes myself and The Boy are packing up our little one bedroom flat in north Hackney for pastures new, well not really new, just down the road but boy oh boy life will be easier! I will be able to walk to most of our friends houses and most importantly to work!

I have no pics of the flat yet (they will follow once we have put our stamp on the place, so I typed in Kingsland Road into Google images and found this...I like it.

Last but by no-means least I have fallen in love with these shoes this week...

DSquared2's spine heeled platforms are bad to the bone.

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