Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Tabio: Hosiery Heaven

The Twitterati have been endlessly tweeting about Tabio this week. Every bloggette in town has been endlessly typing away about the tights and socks of these Japanese based wonders and I can see why.

Perhaps the sudden interest is due to the ridiculous below minus temperatures we have faced in the UK this week, (currently blogging from three knitwear cardigans, a snood and wool tights), perhaps it's due to every fashionsta's love of layering or perhaps it's just simply because their designs are truly wonderful.

Whatever the reason, get to Tabio and fast, I'm hoping The Boy reads this in time for Christmas (hint hint).

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  1. Those looks are so pretty, girly but not cheesy I love!!! And due to all that snow they are necessary!!!


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