Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Introducing WORK-OUT...

The new year is here so it's time to make resolutions. What are yours my lovely readers? Mine is to start taking better care of myself (starting with taking vitamins every day- I must be able to stick to that right?).
Anyhow it is custom to at least muster the idea of getting in shape at this time of year but for most the purse strings are too tight for a personal trainer just after Christmas. If this is you then look no further!

WORK-OUT is a new initiative that combines fitness with the great outdoors. An affordable personal training session using expert group training methods which are fun and focused on getting results.

Sessions are held every Saturday and Sunday at 9am in east London and are wait for it...£6 a session so bin the fags and get your sneakers on. Remember folks, fashion week is just around the corner and we must be looking our best for that, plus the trainer is rather tasty so well worth a go even if just for that!

Click on the image for more info and to register...

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