Thursday, 27 January 2011

Londoners and The Underground

This post is not going to be brimming with fashion talk, it's more of a rant than an informative, witty piece but I'm sure some of you will relate to it...

After a relatively pain-free work day I made my way home. I have been working way out west recently and living east means the journey when the tubes are running normally is quite long.
Today even was longer...
After waiting for 10 minutes for a District Line train, it appears but terminates at Earls Court- oh goodie. I then get another tube to Holborn where I waited for three trains to pass before I finally made it onto a Central Line train which can only be described as hell on earth.

Delays and cancellations bring out two different types of people in London. The first are the type that chat to their neighbour about the delays and pull together in an almost war type manner. The other is the angry person, the person that is hot, has been standing for half an hour with an elbow in their back after a long day at work. I have been both types many times, today I was the first (hence the ability to even write about the journey - usually my rage doesn't permit this).

Being on the happy side of the carriage enabled me to realise and ponder these two types of people. Whilst standing with my neck at a right angle (5 foot 8 and wearing heels whilst being squeezed into the doorway of the tube enables this) I saw it all.
The overly tanned, make up counter girl getting very huffy and mouthy with the tired dad who had no room. The balding banker blatantly ignoring the very elderly lady who really deserved the comfort of his seat more than him and the Shoreditch idiot flicking his curly crop into people's faces (surely there is more than one hair cut out there for you guys?) and the two strangers coming together to get through the hideousness.
Well, I made it- thank god. I'm home after almost losing not only my sanity but my new handbag in the scrummage.


  1. Ha! Story of my life. I tell you what though, if you look on the bright side, all this becomes amusing. It's one of those things that gives London its charm and character.

    If everything run smoothly, then we would have nothing to moan about, and we do love moaning don't we? In Stockholm for example, their version of the tube is air conditioned, spotless and always on time. And, that's the tone of everything else in the whole city, I guess that's why I find it somewhat boring.

    Bear in mind there are eight million inhabitants living in London, three million of which use the tube network everyday. At any one moment, there are two million people on the underground in London. So this is inevitably going to bring up problems.

    Lighten up, look on the bright side, you are living in one of the greatest cities in the world. Trust me when I tell you that you'll miss it once you get out for sometime and live somewhere else.

    I love this post. Sometimes ranting is good to get things off your chest.

  2. Woah, tha is one tiring day indeed. I had experienced that alright and can totally relate to your post. Ugh, the millions of people being squeezed inside a train. Damn that. Made me curse the train in my place.

    Off-topic: I liked you Facebook fanpage and if it's not too much to ask, I hope you do the same for me as well. Links can be found on my homepage ^_^


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