Monday, 28 February 2011

LFW Day 3: The Looks...

So the LFW coverage is coming to an end. I only attended on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday due to being booked for the remainder of the week (sadly the real world must go on). So here is the first installment of day three.

I opted for black (partly as I thought it was a good idea to go out the night before after a few cocktails at the Olivia Rubin show and therefore couldn't face the outfit selection process through my gin haze that morning) as it turns out I think this is my favourite look from the weekend- sometimes gin helps huh?

However, I did opt for a colour burst by adding this rather fabulous (and new favourite), red jumper. It's been in my wardrobe for at least two years but this was it's first outing- not sure why this is.

The lovely Dvora of Fashionistable captured my mean an moody side (or perhaps it's just my fatigue?).

Image courtesy of Sarah-Leigh

Where's it from?

Jumper: Warehouse, Coat and tail: Vintage, Bag and lipstick: Chanel, Boots: Aldo, Bangle: Vintage (a gift from my father to my mother to me!)

My lovely friend and fashion week partner in crime, Sarah-Leigh went for an eclectic mix of leopard and leather topped with a quintessentially English bowler- well it is LFW after all.

Image courtesy of Dvora at Fashionistable

The lovely Sophie of The Chic Parade joined us for the day and channelled vintage fur, fringing and uber heels.

Image courtesy of Dvora at Fashionistable

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  1. Wow a great collection of wintry garb. You all looked fabulous.


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