Monday, 21 November 2011

Workin' Day and Night

Dear readers, I write you this from the depths of the costume department at a TV studio in Wimbledon. I am in week three of a mega project and the seven day weeks, and 16 hour days are starting to wear on me. The project is great and it's rather nice to step out of my comfort zone of fashion and into something different. I can't tell you what the project is right now but it is based on a rather large event that occurred this year.

It's a project I've been able to get my teeth into and one that is different from my day-to-day which is fun but I missing a few things. Sleep, heels, magazines vegetables and wonderful/silly clothes (studios tend to be rather cold so jumpers and jeans it is...that's right JEANS), are all top of my miss-list so expect to be bombarded with over the top outfit posts when I'm back to compensate.

I do hope you forgive me for my lack of communication during this time but hey, a self employed girl's gotta work it like the rent's due at all times, that's how it rolls.

Here's some Monday morning Michael for you...


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