Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Kimono

I have been waiting to share a rather special purchase with you for some time, today that time has come.

Back in the summer during a weekend visit to Mama Coco down by the seaside, I popped into my favourite little vintage shop and found the most amazing thing I have ever seen...a full length, fully embellished kimono. My obsession with vintage dressing gowns and kimonos is a relatively new one that is growing at a ridiculously fast rate but this one is by far my favourite of my collection. The intricate bead and needle work is insane and I particularly love the 3-D aspect of the dragon.

Thanks to Sarah-Leigh for the photos, I think she did it justice with her new camera lens, don't you?

After a delightful little blogger brunch on Sunday morning the always lovely, David of
The Nyanzi Report caught me and Sarah before we braved Oxford Circus.


Please let me know your thoughts, I love to hear your comments.

Coco xx