Sunday, 4 December 2011

The new world...

I have joined the new world and am now the owner of an iPhone. Yes, gone are the days of the Blackberry and hello to time wasting in the realms of the app store.

As any good blogger would I have become a member of Instagram, you can follow me by searching for CocoCestChic if you're a user.

I am also enjoying the wonders of the photography apps such as Hipstamatic.

Here is a sneaky peak into a week in the life of me and my phone, I'm sure I'll get bored of it at some point, I'm just not sure when.

1. The pool at Shoreditch House
2. Wooden Lanterns at The Carpenters Arms
3. Red wine with friends
4. Lighting
5. DIY bows for the tree decorations
6. Amazing glittery boots
7. Our Christmas tree
8. Lace collar
9. Rooftop view of east London at Shoreditch House

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