Friday, 16 March 2012

Postcards from NYC

Two weeks ago (yes this post is a little tardy), myself and The Boy took ourselves out of the real world for four days of serious walking combined with serious fun to a little placed called New York.

I went when I was 20 and absolutely fell head over heels for the place, the thing about New York and Manhattan in particular is that it is everything you expect it to be, it's just like it is in the movies. We stayed mid-town, meters off 5th Avenue (serious novelty vibe when you step out of your hotel to see the Empire State Building).

Here are some beautiful memories...

Stay tuned for more of my visual diary.


  1. beautiful photos - love new york - we have just launched amazing new designer kaftan range - have a look and let us know what you thinkx

  2. beautiful pictures, makes me crave that wonderful corner of the universe, I hope you had an amazing time.



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