Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Temperley SS13

Not wanting to regurgitate the same old content as everyone else during fashion week, I sat back on sharing my photos from the Temperley SS13 show in the vain hope that the burnings on your retinas of these pieces had faded away a little and that they might evoke the happiness and joy that they initially brought upon first viewing.

The blogging world was a little tough around fashion week this season. Many bloggers (big ones at that) have lost their passion for it a little and who's to blame them? PR tickets seemed to be fewer and fewer for the main attendees from the blogging circles and the same old 'show me your stats' situation was happening at the blogger desk at Somerset House.

With the blogosphere being full of the same images and the same shows I attended (for work and pleasure) I felt it didn't really do this particular show (my favourite of the season) any justice so I waited.

So here we are, Temperley SS13 in all it's glory. We were taken back to the French Riviera in the late 40s / early 50s with super-feminine nipped in waists, calf length full skirts and wrist-grazing girlie gloves all in a palette of powdery blues, bold reds and black on a base of crisp, clean whites - delicious.

The vibe of the show was somewhat reminiscent of Christian Dior's 'New Look' which was shown in 1947 with the small waists, full hips and those hats and the kudos that Temperley's collection has received only proves that classic style always wins.

Temperley always seem to hit the nail on the head when it comes to mixing classic and contemporary style but this season has blown me away even more than usual. BRAVO!


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