Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Ying Gao: no(where)now(here) by Yin

Hi there readers, well it's been a while hasn't it? I'm back and normal posting will now begin.

Today I've come across fashion designer, Ying Gao and his latest piece: no(where)now(here). The collection is made up of two dresses made of photoluminescent thread which have very small motors and eye-tracking technology that respond to an observer's gaze embedded into it- I can't even begin to get my head around how this works but the long and short of it is that these beauties actually move, giving them a dreamy, under-the-sea vibe. What's more they glow in the dark!

Take a look at the transfixing dresses here...


This isn't the first time Ying Gao has experimented with electronic movement within clothing. Last year he created 'Playtime' which was made up of two organza dresses that were controlled by robotics.


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  1. Absoloutely love this Cathy! So original, however the mind boggles on how it works! Glad to see the blog in action ;) i've missed the posts! X


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