Tuesday, 18 March 2014


It's time to tell the truth, I've been cheating on you with not one but TWO other blogs. That's right for some reason I have decided that I magically have even more spare hours in the day and therefore have taken on the challenge of updating content for two new blogs.

They are both different to what you will find here at Coco, LFCC so no pressure, but if you fancy a little look into my multifaceted life then head over by clicking on the images below...

I started this about six months ago and it's purely imagery. As a stylist and editor, images are what gets me going (don't get me wrong a fantastic piece of wordery is just wonderful, but there's nothing like a pretty picture to send my heart into a flutter).

The Unicorn Chaser is not purely fashion and lifestyle either, this is a place to get lost in, to find your inner chi whether it be by looking at brash fashion imagery or quotes from Buddah- if you have had a frantic day, stop by and get lost in my mind.

This is a very new venture. I only started it last week and it's a joint venture with my pal Ria. It's a documentation of our training for a half marathon (yes you heard it right). So if you fancy watching a girl that is strictly never seen without heels and lipstick suffering then swing on by! 

In seriousness we will be sharing everything from new recipes and top running tracks to good vibes and inspiration - wish us luck.

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