Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Boho or Loco?

A new trend seems to be picking up this season and I'm not altogether sure how I feel about it. Barefooted ladies are popping up all over east London! As soon as the sun comes out we Brits are notorious for getting over excited, basking out in it all day and getting the shorts and flip flops out, this I can understand (seeing as I am in fact wearing a sundress as I write, and it is now raining outside).

What I cannot understand is why girls are being seen barefooted every where I go. A few weeks ago in London Fields I saw three girls in one weekend barefooted and last week outside my house I saw a girl riding her bike barefooted!! How did she have the ability to ride a bike barefooted? Not to mention how uncomfortable her suffering soles must have been. These girls were admirably dressed which leads me to believe this was a conscious style choice. All of them were rocking somewhat of a bohemian vibe with long wavy hair and vintage/second hand, thrown together outfits and all of them BAREFOOTED! Considering east London is not the cleanest of places I think these voguettes are very brave, who knows what unsightly things you could step in whilst being a 'free spirit'.

I am trying to work out where this trend has come from and I just can't work it out. Considering that Joss Stone, the celebrity that pioneered this look has become somewhat of a renowned fashion disaster herself of late (sorry Joss), I don't think it is her that is inspiring these shoeless stylistas. Perhaps a nod to homelessness? Perhaps it's the credit crunch, maybe they have spent all their money on the outfit and then just skimped on shoes?

Although I am a self confessed shabby chic girl myself (my nails are always chipped and I can never be bothered to blow dry or straighten my hair) this is one trend I will most certainly not be buying in to. I am one lady who loves her shoes!

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