Thursday, 11 June 2009

Finding the heir to my plimsoll throne...

I have always been a high heels kinda girl. I have suffered blisters, bleeding, the loss of toenails and I still don't have the feeling back in my big toe after 3 years but through all the downs there are plenty of 'highs' (excuse the pun!) I have been deemed brave (and stupid) for being the only person at a rave in 5 inch heels, I often worry about towering over the boy in my 6 inch beauties and plenty of my perfect pairs have the ability to make even the most well-dressed women green with envy.

Despite this, since moving to London I have HAD to accept that I can not always totter around like Bambi on stilts. Never knowing what the day or night can bring, it is simply foolish to leave the house without flats when living in this city. Ice and snow, tube strikes, multiple errands to be done for the boss and being too drunk that I have missed the last tube resulting in walking home, are all things I have had to contend with living in London and whilst wearing heels. I learnt the hard way!

So, in the two and a half years I have been here white plimsolls have been somewhat of a

uniform for me. Slightly tatty are preferred and teamed with a pretty dress gives a thrown together look which I love for these white wonders is wearing thin, I long for something else that goes with everything and that I can throw into my bag before I leave the house but I am yet to find the heir to my plimsoll throne! Flip flops and sandals are seasonal, ballet pumps are done to death and brogues, although cute are not always casual enough.

So my constant battle with wanting something new but not knowing what, lives on.

I'm off to the shop now, I'll just throw on my plimsolls...can't live with them, can't live without them!

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