Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Covert mission to Covert Candy...

I have found a great little website called Covert Candy. Essentially it's a vintage clothing exchange. Load up pics of your unwanted clothing to your own profile, people will buy them in exchange for credits. These credits are then there for you to spend on other people's unwanted gems. There are some great pieces to be had so get clicking. As I said in an earlier post, in this economic climate it's is all about reduce, re-use, recycle!
Here are a few pieces that I fear may have to be mine...

A selection of the goodies on offer
Covert Candy is also a great place for inspiration, with many bloggers (including yours truly) being featured within their blog section. So click your way to vintage heaven, just get ready to clear out your wardrobe and make way for some new pieces!


  1. I love that site. They're coming to America soon. Yay!

  2. Cool.. Unique idea anyways. Shame im in the U.S.A


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