Sunday, 26 July 2009

J'adore Coco...

Seeing as my nick name descends from the lady herself it seemed quite apt to do a post on her. Coco Chanel is by far the one person I would love to share dinner and chats with. Creator of one of the most famous and influential design houses in the world it is a wonder that 1982's Coco Solitaire is the only film to have been made about her life...until now. This year sees 3 films coming out about this self made woman. The first being Coco Chanel, made for American television. The second is Coco Chanel & Ignor Stravinsky which closed this years Cannes film festival and the third is Coco Avant Chanel (Coco before Chanel). It is the third that excites me the most. A biopic of this woman's life and the build up to what she did for the fashion world. A pioneer for 'girl power', Coco Chanel was an orphan from a very poor background. She worked extremely hard for all she achieved and this is why her rags to riches story will be one of the most entertaining.

Coco Avant Chanel trailer

To celebrate the film's release vintage fashionista's favourite website- Queens of Vintage challenged it's members to join a 'fashmob'- a fashion orientated flashmob. People were asked to meet at St Pancras Station, London (the porthole between London and Paris) dressed in their finest Chanel or Chanel-esque attire. The first 15 Chanel types to arrive got a gift. Unfortunately I couldn't make the 6pm start so missed it but to have seen all these impeccably dressed women, celebrating the life of one of the greatest women to have ever lived would have been fabulous.

I have been wearing my Chanel 2.55 all week in awe!

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