Tuesday, 14 July 2009

A Girls New Best Friend...

LEGGINGS!! Leggings are literally everywhere and have been for what seems like forever.
I remember my first pair of leggings, I was about seven years old, they were mint green with pink rose buds on (I actually would wear these now). They were from BHS and I loved them, this is where my love affair with leggings began. Many pairs followed, including a questionable Adidas pair which were worn through the 'chav chic' look of my early teens (less said about that the better!). Then leggings were out of my life for a while being only associated with slightly over weight women at the slots in Atlantic City.
To my excitement (and slight worry at first) leggings have come back with vengeance. I bought my first pair this time round in Dec '07 for New Years Eve, a pair of black wet looks which I wore under some sequined hotpants. I am still wearing these leggings now. How has a trend led fad lasted two years? That's 4 seasons in fashion, aka about 20 years (fashion years are like dog years). Leggings really should be over and done with by now but are still worn by every woman in the country. The plain black jersey variety are favoured by more subtle women under dresses and tunics. While the slightly more courageous can literally encase their legs in pretty much every fabric, colour, pattern and finish they desire. On a more extreme level (slightly reminiscent of a robot) is the Balenciaga gold metal leggings, shown on the catwalk in '07. They can be studded, sequined and recently a denim variety has emerged...the jegging! On this vibe there has been word of a very disturbing take on the legging...meggings (men's leggings- let's not go there!)

Balenciaga gold metal leggings

Perhaps the reason these nineties aerobic fancies have such staying power is because of their versatility. Worn day or night under dresses or over sized tees, with crop tops, with flats, with towering heels they literally are the staple that goes with everything. They are the perfect piece to dress down the fact that you went clubbing last night and slept on your friend's floor as you stroll into your office the morning after. Alternatively if you go from the office to the club, whip off your leggings and you're ready to party! They are the perfect cover up for the unfortunate 'corned beef leg' look that us fair skinned Brits suffer from and therefore allow less confident gals to don their fave dresses. They are also an effective solution to the 'will it won't it' rain question that we face every morning when selecting our attire for the day.
All in all leggings really are an inspiration to other garments, to have lasted this long and still be acceptable by fashionista's everywhere is an achievement in it's own right.

All hail the legging!!


  1. and the new style.....''Jeggings''....jeans and leggings....is there no stopping them....you go leggings...we love ya!!! ;0)

  2. Ha ha, I know what next....weggings? Wooden Leggings?!!!


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