Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle...

With the economic crisis still over our heads I have really had to be careful on what I spend my money on...and more to the point, how much I spend on clothes!

Unfortunately I am not in the position to purchase whatever I like, whenever I like. Therefore I have had to use alternative routes when wanting to don new threads. I have therefore been looking into customising my existing clothes and have even started customising the boys old clothes for myself.

This new 'make do and mend' attitude has sparked and added some innovative and creative key pieces to my summer wardrobe (please see my earlier Flower Power post for a fab jacket)

Another key piece of my seasonal wardrobe was also one of my favourite looks at Glastonbury. It involved an ACDC t-shirt that belonged to the boy. I cut the main bulk of the tee into tassels ( a very, lengthy and dull process but worth it, see above).

So realistically during the downturn there is no excuse not to look good, it's just going to take some imagination and a needle and thread!

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