Monday, 17 August 2009

Grace yourself...

With my love affair with all things extrovert and 80s fashion still going strong there was one icon I simply had to write about, that is the legendary Grace Jones. Jones became a successful model in Paris and New York as well as studying theater in her early years.

In the late 70s she landed her record deal. She became a muse to Any Warhol and the two frequented Studio 54.

Shot by Warhol 1986
She shifted her music in the direction of New Wave Music that was developing. With this came a dramatic visual makeover too. The make over was the work of stylist (and father of her child) Jean-Paul Goude. The look was androgynous, hard and severe. She was definitely a strong influence in the cross dressing movement of the 80's. Bold shoulders and cropped hair are key to her look.

The androgynous look

I am in love with her look and only wish I could pull off those outfits on an everyday basis!!

Spring Review 09, cover for V magazine


  1. That's some serious shoulderpads.=)

  2. i saw her at a festival in helsinki a few weeks ago and she was stunning... this woman eats a dozen madonnas for brekkie, i say.


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