Thursday, 1 October 2009

The September Issue...

For anyone interested in fashion seeing the long awaited film 'The September Issue' will be the highlight of the viewing month.

I saw it last night and loved it. I have completely fallen for Grace Coddington who was portrayed as a hopeless romantic, still stuck in a place where longing for beautiful imagery is all that counts. She was endearing and broke the mold when you see her dressing models at shoots and being actively involved in everything she puts her hand to.

Anna Wintour was far less fierce than expected and came across stern yet somewhat gentle at the same time, (who knows what the portrayal would have been like before editing!). Celebrated as the woman who single handedly brought the world of fashion and the world of celebrity together years ahead of anyone else, her vision and thought process seemed concise and direct. Hearing her speak of her family and seeing footage of her in her home with her daughter, somewhat shattered Wintour's 'Ice Queen' image.

Editor-At-Large; Andre Leon Talley was fabulous, popping up occasionally in outlandish outfits. His air time included a tennis lesson in which he was decked out in Louis Vuitton!

All in all it encapsulated the highs and lows of putting together the most important issue in a magazine's year, fantastically. It wasn't pretentious or over glamorous, held the attention and confirmed even more how much I love this industry!

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