Thursday, 8 October 2009

The world at her tiny, heeled feet...Tavi Gevinson

I am so excited about new blogger and stylista, Tavi Gevinson. Anyone in this industry worth their salt will have heard about her this season as she has graced important shows at NY fashion week (she took a week off school to attend and her dad chaperoned!) and she has been the cover star for both Love and Pop magazines.

Tavi is a fashion blogger and is 13. She has an individual, original and incredible eye for fashion and style. Her own outfits would be outstanding from someone of my age let alone hers.

Her blog was instantly thought of as a fake due to it's complexity and professionalism. Since the industry realised she really was a 13 year old from Chicago she swiftly climbed the ranks and has broken down barriers. Many designers and brands now look to bloggers for inspiration and critique and Tavi has played a major part in that.


  1. I'm not sure it is. She clealy has a talent and has been recognised for it. What's sad about that?


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