Thursday, 7 January 2010

All hail the iPhone...

Well it was always going to happen, sooner or later I was going to bite the bullet and write about the iPhone. I still don't have one and to be honest until now I didn't think I would get one. Mainly due to the fact that I wouldn't spend a hundred or so pounds on a phone (I'd rather spend it on clothes) but I also didn't really understand the point. I have a camera, I have an iPod, I have a laptop and all perform better than those features on an iPhone. This has been my mantra on this product from the start, but slowly but surely it's got stylish. Hhhhmmmm...could I be starting to change my mind?

Designers are all jumping aboard the iPhone train by designing cases for them. Swarovski, Louis Vuitton and even luxury leather, Brit style staple, Mulberry have all designed products for the world in a hand held format (aka the iPhone).
Almost every brand from designer to highstreet have designed applications (better known to the techie types as apps) and this week style bible Wallpaper magazine have launched their 'cool guide to London' app. What could be better than shop and plan where to go to lunch all whilst on the bus?

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