Monday, 11 January 2010

On The Street...Winter Dressing: Fur Hats

I hit the streets of London once again this weekend and in a complete turn around to my 'Winter Dreaming' blog post it re-kindled my love for winter dressing. The trendies were out in force, proving that there is 'snow' (excuse the pun, I couldn't resist), reason not to look good during this extreme weather.

I shall be uploading my favourites for the duration of this week. Starting with this guy, who's fearless use of fur kept him warm and unique during one freezing afternoon on Brick Lane.

I love the use of red in this girl's outfit. Her whimsical and mysterious pale skin looks great with the tone of the coat and is set off with the bold red. It's a confident statement and not something that could be pulled off by everyone.

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  1. Fashion is not worth the real cost of fur, neither do these people need it.

    It is awful industry. Let's not promote it.

    Thank you for going faux yourself.


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