Friday, 14 May 2010

Tyler Shields = Amazing

I have recently stumbled across the work of photographer Tyler Shields. His work is provocative, sexy, original, innovative and down right amazing. It fits into the genre of photography that I love and could literally gaze at all day.
Recently his work has been somewhat in the spotlight due to a photoshoot he did with Lindsay Lohan. The media have been up in arms as Lohan poses with a replica gun, smeared in (fake) blood wearing just lingerie. I for one don't find it shocking at all. It's art. There is nothing wrong with pushing boundaries in a creative sense. If these images were from Lohan's 'Last weekend' album on Facebook then perhaps we should be shocked but the images are not real, so what's the problem?

Anyhow it's not just the Lohan shoot that I love, it's all of his work. Visit his website here to view his portfolio, but prepare to spend an evening glued to your laptop.

I have borrowed a few of my favourite's from his site for your viewing pleasure...

Bravo Mr Shields, Coco hearts you.

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