Tuesday, 11 May 2010

In the bag...

I have just read that a woman is defined by what's in her handbag. This made me delve into my own and see if it was true. In some ways I agree when finding;
- my ipod; I can't live without music, especially when dealing with London's public transport system on a daily basis. Perhaps one day when I have my own driver (!) I won't need this one?
- my faithful sunglasses; I picked up these super-chic round specs about two years ago but round shapes are big for SS10 so I'm wearing them again
- lipstick; pretty much always wearing lipstick, this week it's Paul & Joe's deep red (love it)
- cigarettes; yes I know, so uncool but everyone is allowed one vice (I won't mention my other vices right now)
- vitamins; boring but necessary
So yes, these in a way do say something about me but do the bits of old tobacco, 3 hair grips, packet of tissues and a half eaten Snickers bar really define me? I sure hope not.


Please let me know your thoughts, I love to hear your comments.

Coco xx