Tuesday, 9 August 2011

London's Burning...

I couldn't really have a London based blog and not mention what has happened in our wonderful city over the last three days. Rioting occurred on Saturday night, continued on Sunday night and came to a head last night when almost every borough was affected by the mindless actions of what appears to be children.

There is no political message and although the initial riots have been linked to the anger of a shooting of a man in Tottenham last week, I genuinely believe that last nights riots are opportunistic and have no real link to the events that occurred in Tottenham.

The majority of the city are shocked by what has occurred in our city whilst I have seen numerous justifications on social networking sites which have only angered me more over this situation. One post stated...

"sick of reading stupid Daily Mail style comments dissing the rioters, obv. alot of you have never experienced real deprivation and are clueless about the disgusting social inequality in this country, life's getting harder every day it was just a matter of time, you can't expect people to be content with having nothing when they can't get stuff legally cos no-one will give them a job. if you have nothing and have a chance to get a free tv or pair of trainers, go for it."

I'm sorry but it's this sort of mornonic mentality which has started this disgusting behaviour in the first place. These people are not fighting for a reason, for freedom, for a political statement or anything else it's purely for the hell of it. What ever background you are from you know what is right or wrong. You know that breaking into old ladies houses while they sleep is wrong. You know that setting fire to buildings is wrong. So in this case there is simply no justification for these actions what-so-ever. Also referring to the above statement found on Facebook - if these people are in fact from more deprived backgrounds then why are they draining the economy with their actions. The amount of cost involved in not only the emergency services last night but the huge clean up operation that will now ensue over London will be a strain on our free health care and education that EVERYONE, from whatever background is entitled to in this country.

Anyway, enough of my rant. Today is a new day and people of London I urge you to make a stand, we shouldn't be scared in our own homes and communities and we shouldn't let the minority of angry people change the way we (and the world) feel about our city. It is a diverse, cultural and creative hub and I am still proud to be a Londoner, especially when I see the footage of the Turkish shop owners fending off the yobs on my own road last night.

Help with the aftermath here.

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