Saturday, 17 September 2011

LFW, Day 1: Caroline Charles SS12

So, that wonderful time of year is upon us again, September Fashion Week. Summer is just drawing to a close and just as we prepare ourselves for autumn dressing the spring shows for next season are thrust upon us (not that I'm complaining).

First up for me was Caroline Charles.

The collection was made up of loose silk dresses, cute tailoring and evening wear- including all over sequined pieces- all very wearable. The later pieces in the collection were less to my taste, although they were beautiful and elegant I'm just not a sequins kinda gal. BUT, the loose silk dresses, sophisticated tailoring and boater hats which all scream riviera chic are all pieces I can get on board with. Every single look within that section would be something I'd gladly cover my back with. Gingham checks, wide leg and tapered trouser shapes, delicate ruffles and florals in a colour palette of white and navy with pops of colour in teal and coral. I specifically enjoyed the silk jumpsuits, mid length navy silk dresses and the checked suit- just wonderful.

Top image: my own, all other images:

The collection is the perfect wardrobe to cruise round the med in on your yacht. If like me (and many others) you don't actually have a yacht, jaunting around the city next summer in one of these pieces would be equally as satisfying.

The finale (please excuse the slight shake of the camera, I'm still trying to perfect my filming skills).

All-in-all an excellent way for me to start the season.

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