Monday, 23 January 2012

Givenchy AW12 Menswear Show

Menswear fashion week has shown some sheer brilliance. Friday saw the Givenchy show take place and while I might have something nice to say about the collection, I have to be brutally honest about those nose rings.

Riccardo Tisci's collection for the Parisian fashion house was inspired by his childhood obsessions; the American flag and the Minotaur. It's really unfortunate to the collection that the Minotaur was an obsession of his, as I'm really not digging these nose rings. I am usually someone who enjoys a bit of oddity, a grungy element and I LOVE a touch of statement jewellery but the only thing I think of when viewing these nose rings is WTF?!

Image via bloggar.afton

Harsh I know, but if you can't be honest on your blog, where can you be honest hey?

Moving on to the collection. Minus the nose rings, I enjoyed Givenchy's AW12 offerings. Sharp and contemporary tailoring, leather panelling and elements of stars and stripes in red, blue and white all featured. Embellishment in the same and contrasting colours to the fabrics added an interesting element, the dress coats were my favourite pieces and I do love a bit of head-to-toe black. WIN.

What did you think of the collection and the nose rings?

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