Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Bit of a Boob

Boobs are having a bit of a music moment.

From Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines to Justin Timberlake's new video: Tunnel Vision, YouTube are cracking the whip when it comes to nudity.

Timberlake has managed to have his banning over turned today and I can see why- I would hardly say this video is explicit as it has been described, it's just girls dancing around (and not even that provocatively) with some laser projections, not that raunchy if you ask me.

My question is what is the point? While I appreciate nudity in a creative format, this video seems to have boobs for the sake of boobs. It doesn't really do anything for it, I actually think the early parts of the video are sexier when we are seeing the thought of a boob- you know a flash of side boob, a hint of a nipple, a curvy silhouette or a sexy back (pardon the Justin Timberlake pun there), when it gets to the full on front shots I think these girls look a bit boring.

What do you think? Was this worth banning?


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