Tuesday, 16 July 2013

New Kicks

For those that know me well, you'll know that exercising of any nature does not come naturally. Unfortunately as one gets older it's becoming a necessity. I can't diet - I love dining too much and as my metabolism slows down, it's time to take action.

Enter- SportsShoes.com! Mere weeks after signing up for a 10k (gulp), I came across these babies by New Balance. If anything can coax me off a seated position and into a run its fancy shoes, PLUS the Lady Minimus WR10V2s incorporate Vibram technology (I'm told this is what every runner needs). They are super comfortable and super light which is perfect for taking them to the gym straight from work too!

So there you go, what will it take to get a lazy girl out of her heels? A really fancy pair of sneaks...

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