Monday, 6 July 2009

On yer bike...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, cycle chic is fast becoming the summer's hottest trend. I therefore realised it was a trend I was very much up for being a part of. Not only is a bike the latest in-vogue accessory but there are other pro's to the new way to travel. 1st it is economical- healthy to the bank balance. 2nd it is ecological- there is no excuse not to be green these days and 3rd it is good for the body-fitness and something that will help with the toning of my legs (a definate pro considering my 'getting in shape for summer' plan has literally come to a stand still).

So with all of this to bare in mind I hit Brick Lane on Sunday with my eyes set on a cheap, second hand bike. There were many to chose from along with many people looking, so I really had to keep my eyes peeled. As I wandered further up Brick Lane I feared I had got there a little late in the day (plans to get there for 10am got wiped out when the boy awoke me with a bacon sandwich in bed!). However, just as I was giving up, there she was, my future bike, whom I have now named Betsy!
Betsy is an old school Raleigh town bike. She was a dull grey colour with rust spots and a broken back brake but I still saw potential. I busted my best haggling skills and bought her for £35 and then went straight to Halfords. I ended up spending more in Halfords than I did on the bike!! Armed with paints, WD40, sand paper, cloths, masking tape and a hell of a lot of enthusiasm, Betsy, the boy and myself headed to the back garden where we spent a few hours working to turn Betsy into the shiny beast that is pictured above! I added a wicker basket and a silver bell to give her traditional, retro glamour.
She is magnificent and I feel like a kid on Christmas morning every time I sit on her.

Unfortunately I have managed to fall out with the bike already. I have been studying and working in fashion for the last seven years and am not close to being shot for Italian Vogue, yet I get an email today from a friend who is shooting for the magazine tomorrow and has asked to use Betsy as a prop in the shoot. I can not believe it!! After all that work the bike has surpassed me and is now rolling with the big wigs of the fashion world despite only having been in existence for one day!
Perhaps I am the fairy godmother of the bike world, or perhaps Betsy was just an ugly duckling yet to turn into a swan!


  1. Ah, merci mon amis! You may sit in the basket next time I see you!! x

  2. Nice bike but isn't blue a bit last year? DF x

  3. Ha ha DF aka POPS!!! I see it as classica dn Brit, perfect for cycling around London!! x

  4. I've just seen the finished picture of Betsy on another blog stateside and instantly recognised my home stomping ground - I like the idea that your bike was resurrected from Brick Lane and it seems fitting that this is where she should have wound up being photographer for Italian Vogue - that's cool.

    You can see the pic here by the way:

    See you around sometime,

    i b i k e l o n d o n

  5. I know it's great that she was found on Brick Lane and then shot in her full glory back in the same place! thanks for letting me know it had been featured!


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