Friday, 11 September 2009

Taking Liberty...

As I mentioned in an earlier post Ronnie Wood is launching a collection with Liberty of London. I am not usually a fan of the celeb/brand collaboration and in a bit of a contradiction to the earlier post I quite like the collection! The clash of the quintessential, traditional charm of Liberty mixed with the dirty rock'n'roll vibe of a Rolling Stone is a new and innovative way for a celeb/brand collaboration to be presented- I like it!

The collection, designed by Liberty features Wood's own paintings. The print is bright, in-your-face and animated which works well with the more subtle shapes.

The collection is available in sizes 8-12 and priced from £375-£695. The collection hits down on the 1st October, but you can pre order online now.

The campaign is hot! It has a young, cool, brit-style vibe to it and Wood even made an appearance in front of the lens. (See top image).

I'm still not convinced that being famous (even if you're a creative celeb) gives you the qualifications or skill to be able to work in fashion design but I do like the collection and love the two polar opposites of a quaint English tradition being mixed with someone who was present when his band mate snorted his father's ashes!
Rock on Liberty!

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