Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Fashion Week Round Up: London

As the end of fashion week is drawing near it would be ludicrous not to document my favourite shows and looks of what is such a magical time in the fashion capitals of the globe. I am however going to shy away from the endless lists of designers, images, descriptions and quotes that are floating around so many blogs after fashion week- no offence to my fellow bloggers I just prefer to get to the point and sum up (or try to) in one so here goes.
Obviously not in order (that would be too easy), I'm starting where my heart is...London.

My absolute favourite of all shows in London this fashion week had to be Ashish. The collection was fresh, young, edgy, sometimes a little crazy (the opening sequin pyjamas got me), yet totally wearable without being boring, (quite a lot of adjectives to be used to describe one thing I think you'll agree?). I adore the effortless, bag-lady esque and genius styling used in this show. Oversized, layer upon layer and heavy knits teamed with bold colour, print and an all important splash of sequin. The fingerless gloves and knitted fisherman hats teamed with flat boots and knit socks were a hot touch along with the bold colour streaks in those 'Wang-like' side plaits.

Check out the full show here. The shorts and cream knit jumper combo shown at around 6 minutes is a look I will be channelling come the end of summer, (how can I be wishing it to be Autumn already?).

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