Thursday, 4 March 2010

Today's Threads; Denim on's true

After the initial shock/dis-belief/nervousness/nausea I am braving one of SS10's biggest trends...that's right, denim on denim is back. I can categorically say that I never thought I would say it but it's true and it's going to be huge. So prepare to feel a little bit like an 80s tribute or a cowboy (and not in a good way) to start off with but then get over that and embrace this revival, hey if it's good enough for the catwalks of Chloe then it should be good enough for us.

Chloe: SS10


  1. I love how somehow you manage to work it! It almost looks like a playsuit and that's a pretty good tip on how to do the trend. Well done!

    If you have time check out my blog -

    Much love x

  2. Hey Coco, do your shorts have a full length zip running down the sides, and did you buy them like that or do them yourself?!

  3. Hannah- Thanks for the shout out! Checked your blog,it's cute! x

    Anon- yes they are full lengh zips, I bought them like that but think it would be pretty easy to make if you like them! x


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Coco xx