Wednesday, 21 September 2011


The PPQ show was immense. I loved it, I even loved the huge queue (or the PP-Queue, see what I did there?) outside. Ok so maybe I didn't love the queue, but I did love the anticipation that grew whilst I was in the queue. Thank god I got there when I did as I doubt everyone behind me got in.

The sound track was amazing, a soft piano instrumental of Kanye West's Gold Digger played upon entry- a hint that Amy Molyneaux and Percy Parker are still being inspired by hip-hop?

The rest of the show was accompanied by banging 90s tracks which added to the glory of the collection. Opening looks were cutsey dresses in pretty pastels with little touches such as lapels and gold buttons. Then came the fun. Bold, bright abstract prints, lots of gold detailing and inspired yet wearable denim (courtesy of their collaboration with Lee Jeans). The brand also collaborated with Bebaroque for some draw-dropping tights, leggings and body suits.

Images taken from (mine were sadly not up to scratch on this occasion!)

To conclude I would say the collection was a mis-mash of 90s hip hop, western cowboys, euro-trash and a touch of Zorro...all in the best meaning of the sense.
Perfect. It's LOVE.

I also bumped into famous 'FROW' and fashion week attendee, Pandemonia. You may remember her from my interview with her earlier this year. Read the interview here.

The finale...

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  1. it's great you got a little video, I wish I had recorded some of it now. I was sat the opposite end to you. We were quite early in the queue but I know that a lot of people before us got sent round to the other side, I don't know if they got in or not.
    I wish I had chatted to Pandemonia now too, she was chatting to some other guys who took our picture and seemed really friendly!
    I completely agree with you about the soundtrack- really put us all in the party mood!


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