Thursday, 30 December 2010

A recap of 2010...

So 2010 has almost drawn to a close ( I can't quite believe that another year has gone by and I am getting older and older) and whilst fretting about my outfit for tomorrow night (still not sure what I shall wear yet), panicking about party plans (still not confirmed everything yet) and hap-hazardly thinking about resolutions (still working on those) I have taken time out from all of the above to have a little reminisce of 2010.

Here goes...
January saw the country grind to a halt when we received a large amount of unexpected snow...

I also discovered the work of artist Alex Cave and managed to pin him down for an interview...

February brought fashion week once again and I hit the Elle Style Awards...

We also lost the truly wonderful Alexander McQueen...


I was lucky enough to be photographed for Company magazine and penned a few words on the blogging world...


April saw trendies going mental and rioting at the American Apparel sample sale...


I went elephant hunting in May...

June saw my annual pilgrimage to Glastonbury. Read some highlights here, here and here...


The iTunes festival hit The Roundhouse, Camden for the entirety of July. I was lucky enough to get tickets to see The XX, Faithless and Underworld (thanks James)...

August saw two wonderful friends tie the knot, congratulations to Nick and Becca (check out Becca's immense heels)...

It also saw me make a huge life change, after three years of working in PR and marketing at a highstreet giant I took the plunge and went freelance. This was a huge decision and a very difficult one, although so far so good and I have not looked back.
I was shortlisted for the Next Generation, street style blogger competition on

And of course, I attended fashion week. Read my coverage here, here, and here...

October was a month for events, a memorable was the Matthew Williamson book launch at Somerset House...

The end of the year saw me cementing new loves, November is when my love affair with Mary Katrantzou began...


As you would expect December has brought the usual festivities, Christmas shopping, sale shopping, gin & tonic, Christmas get togethers and food. It will also see a carefully thought out NYE outfit (post to come in 2011- if I ever figure out what to wear).
I will take this moment to wish you all a Happy new Year readers, thank you for reading, commenting, returning and tweeting.
See you next year!


  1. Wow! What a year! You have crammed so much in,achieved so much,and are still going HUGE places! Wow is all I can say!

    Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for you and watch you and the blog get bigger and better!

    Such an inspiration!


  2. Thanks both! A very shortened, brief version of the year but a nice trip down memory lane!


  3. Can't believe my wedding made the blog! All kudos to Marni for those 5inch-ers!


  4. Well it was a wonderful day, thanks for letting us be a part of it! xx


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Coco xx